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Computer Build List





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Are you looking to build a PC, whether it's for gaming, streaming, or just surfing the web? I will send you a complete computer build list based on your exact specifications. Let's make your dream a reality!

Complete Build List:

Receive a professional build list from the Master himself, with up to several modification tailored to your needs! Expect a 24-48 hour turnaround time, sent directly to your email.


The initial list will be created based on your specifications. With this purchase, you will be able to request modifications depending on the purchased tier.

How This Works:

We will send you an email directly after your purchase, asking for your budget, expectations, and any other information you want for your computer. We will also need your ZIP code to find local distributors if needed.


The build list will not include any taxes; it only covers the price of the hardware, as tax rates vary.

Minimum price for computer build list is $800

Only for sale in the U.S. 🇺🇸