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Customer Builds

A computer tower

Customer Build #001

An intro build with a 1650 Super and a 3700x, this build offers a great foundation with a lot of room for future upgrades!

A computer tower

Customer Build #002

A Corsair build with an Intel i7-10700K and a 3060, perfect for beginners seeking high performance in gaming.

A computer tower

Customer Build #003

A custom TUF gaming build with top-of-the-line ASUS hardware, featuring a 5800X CPU and a 3070, ideal for gaming.

Customer Testimonials

"Just started streaming and this PC is a game-changer! It handles all my streaming..."

- Izzy

"Just got my gaming rig from these guys and it's insane! Super smooth gameplay..."

- Mike

"My custom built pc was exactly what I needed, Master PC Builder helped me find..."

- Carlos

"I'm thrilled with my new computer! It's lightning fast and handles all my gaming..."

- David

"Our office's new custom-built computers have been a game-changer. They're fast,..."

- Innessa

"Ever since I got my Master PC Builder gaming rig, Fortnite has never been better!..."

- Jess

"Master PC Builder crafted an incredible server that's made a huge difference..."

- Brenden

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