How did we come to be?

MasterPCBuilder was born during the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, fueled by the passion of a lifelong computer enthusiast who had always dreamed of merging their love for PCs with cutting-edge technology. Our founder, a dedicated software engineering student at CSULA, discovered their fascination with computers at an early age and nurtured it through countless hours of tinkering and building. As the world shifted towards remote work and online connections, they realized the growing need for reliable, custom-built PCs that could enhance people's digital experiences.

Thus, MasterPCBuilder emerged as a bridge between a childhood passion and the demands of the modern world. We committed to crafting high-performance, tailor-made computers that empower individuals and businesses alike, backed by the expertise of a passionate, tech-savvy team. Join us on this journey to master the art of PC building and elevate your digital world.

Meet the Team



Fascinated by computers and driven by passion, I founded a company to build durable computers. I'm an avid programmer and enjoy weightlifting in my free time.



I'm the co-founder of MasterPCBuilder and I'm passionate about building computers. I'm also a programmer and enjoy playing video games in my free time.



I'm a full-stack software engineer with passions for software engineering, DJing, and indie films. I enjoy playing video games with my team and exploring new music.



I'm a fullstack engineer with passions for cybersecurity and machine learning. I enjoy solving jigsaw puzzles, reading, and listening to different types of music genres.


Lead Influencer

My name is Miguel Echeverria, the Lead Influencer streaming on YouTube. I focus on expanding our community through gaming and streaming


UX Design

Hey i'm Sergio! I'm the product designer behind the redesign of the MPCB website. In my free time I love to play Pokémon GO when outside or Pokémon Unite when I'm at home.